Here at The Dance Shed we offer four different levels of Contemporary classes, from the Lucidity Syllabus, which are suitable for beginner through too advanced. However, you must be at least 7 to start contemporary classes.

Lucidity Syllasbus, from Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA)

Through Lucidity, our passion for dance is shared with thousands of student internationally.  Lucidity provides each student with solid technical training, performance training, and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist.

Lucidity contemporary is a stimulating and dynamic dance curriculum which explores emotional connection.

Technical aspects include; controlled leg work, torso contract-release, floor work - fall and recovery.  Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are incorporated. Lucidity is an examination based syllabus.

Syllabus Components:

The levels are made up of a series of exercises including including; plié and spine articulation, port de bras, swings and suspension, rolling progression, travelling progressions, floor sequences, turns, leaps, compositions and dances.

Conditioning work (often including a swiss ball or thera-band) is included to develop core and upper body strength, increase turn-out and improve strength and control.  

Partner work is included throughout all grades to develop physical trust, spatial awareness and dancer connection.  This is an important and unique component of contemporary dance. Improvisation is included to encourage freedom of movement in the junior levels.  Student choreography is incorporated at higher levels to develop musical connection and expression. Students can enter the syllabus at any age (and ability) at a level recommended by the teacher.