Here at The Dance Shed we offer various levels of Jazz classes, from the Jazz Addict Syllabus, which are suitable for beginner through too advanced.

Jazzaddict, Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA)

Through Jazzaddict, our passion for dance is shared with thousands of students internationally.  Jazzaddict provides each student with solid technical training, performance training, and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist. Jazzaddict is an examination based syllabus


Syllabus Components:

The levels are made up of a series of exercises including arm combinations, classical technique, floor work, turns, isolations, leaps, amalgamations and dances. All work is progressive and designed to develop co-ordination, strength, agility and style. Amalgamations include jazz, lyrical or contemporary and musical theatre. These styles complement competition requirements. Students can enter the syllabus at any age (and ability) at a level recommended by the teacher.